VCT Tile/Vinyl
Cleaning Kits
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Grout Sealer

A penetrating grout sealer designed to protect cement based grouts from staining and discolouration.



Grout Finish Kit

A water-based penetrating grout stain that is designed to revitalize and restore the desired colour to your grout.


Water-Based Penetrating Sealer

A water-based penetrating sealer to protect all stone surfaces and tumbled marble. Keeps the natural look of the stone.


Natural Stone Enhancer and Sealer

Renews, enhances, and seals. Deepens colour of stone. Maximum stain protection.



Tile Seal

A penetrating sealer designed to seal extremely porous tiles. Finish with Traffic-Coat.



Maintenance Products
Cleaning Products

Grout & Tile Cleaner

A heavy duty cleaner designed to clean and revitalize dirty grout.


Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Specially formulated to leave no residue. Just spray and wipe.


Deep Clean Grout Cleaner

Ready-to-use, heavy duty cleaner removes grease, food stains, soap scum, hard water deposits, and dirt from grout joints.


Marble Cleaner

Cleaner for marble, stone, granite, and other highly polished surfaces.


Concentrated Marble Cleaner

A concentrated, neutral pH cleaner designed for cleaning natural stones such as marble, agglomerate, and terrazo.


Grout Residue and Haze Remover

An acid-based product developed to safely remove cement grout residue and efflorescence from ceramic tile and grout.


Tub Surround & Tile Cleaner

For use on all fibreglass tub surround enclosures and ceramic tiles.


Mould/Mildew Remover

Effectively removes mould and mildew from bathrooms and showers.


Easy Shine Concentrated Floor Cleaner

A concentrated floor cleaner for the first cleaning of installed hardwood, tile, and stone floors and surfaces.



Natural Stone Cleaner

Gently cleans all natural stones without streaking. Spray on and wipe off.


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