VCT Tile/Vinyl
Cleaning Kits
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Tongue and Groove Hardwood Flooring Adhesive

An adhesive designed for tongue and groove hardwood and laminate flooring.


Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Protector

Protects against moisture and humidity for up to 3 months. Helps prevent grain raise in laminate and hardwood flooring.


Hardwood Renew

A non-yellowing acrylic sealer that forms a hard barrier against scuffing and black heel marks.



Parquet, Laminate, & Hardwood Floor Cleaner

A water-based cleaner designed for urethane and wax finished hardwood floors.


Dezolve 10

An adhesive remover for hardwood, laminate, and parquet flooring surfaces.


Laminate, Hardwood, Ceramic, & Stone Floor Cleaner

A water-based daily cleaner designed for use on various types of flooring and stone.



Maintenance & Cleaning Products
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